Age of the Common Man

Published: 2021-07-21 07:55:07
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The time period that is often looked upon to recognize dramatic political, social, and economic advancements and uprising opportunities is within the period of Andrew Jackson's presidency. This period in history is known as the Age of the Common Man or the era of the Jackson Democracy. The common man often referred to any white male of this time period regardless of social rank.
During these times the alterations made in politics coextensively Impacted social and economical Improvements. By establishing a relationship with the common man, Andrew Jackson endorsed democracy and opportunities for American white males through economic polices and political opportunities. Politically, Jackson's presidency was a dramatic time for the common man to expand and Increasingly become more Involved. During the Jackson democracy era, many aspects of who could vote began to alter.
For Instance,Jackson promoted the system of rotation, affirming a democratic Ideal that one man Is as good as the next, instigating more involvement from the common man within all aspects of government concerns. The system of rotation was a great help in establishing the two yester party, that would separate political views and allow multiple outlooks to become options for government officials. Andrew Jackson also, initiated nominating conventions, replacing caucuses, enabling party-politicians and voters to be all white males.

The common man now had the opportunity to gather in large meeting halls to nominate party's candidates with others, such as the Anti-Mason's who generated a more democratic idea among the average man. From one end of the country to the other, all white males were being promoted to vote regardless of their social class or religion. Another exemplified alteration came from Jackson vetoing the bank- researcher bill, vilifying the national bank as an exclusive cartel manipulating the common man in order to endow the wealthy and foreign parties.
As one can tell, Jackson strategically modified the guidelines of suffrage in order to benefit white males by creating democratic possibilities and ideals. Economically, the common man had a multitude of opportunities to prosper through new efficient democratic changes made by Andrew Jackson. To start, Jackson signed a plethora of treaties between 1814 and 1824, the most common was the ready of 1814. These treaties basically were a form of bribery with the Natives, confirming his dedication to generating more opportunities for white men.
It worked as more natives would question security, Jackson would offer them what seemed Like a more reasonable dispute of security, compelling the Natives to sign additional treaties for a new cushion over and over, constantly removing them from land that Jackson would give to white male opportunists. Especially those who desired the creation of profitable plantation In the south because the land Jackson was planning room Natives was a perfect place for plantation owners to focus on the Cotton Kingdom.
Not only did multiple treaties go forth In removing natives from their homeland, but as well as the Indian Removal Act, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Trail of Tears, etc. By dehumidifying Indians, Jackson expanded democracy and opportunity emphasized the importance of the two party system. During Jackson's election in 1832 versus Clay, his supporters were democrats, who favored equal economic opportunities for white males, opposed to the competing Whig party. President Jackson's reelection provoked his followed to strive for the common man during his term.
Evidently, Jackson conveyed multiple actions to address his drive to advance the everyday man in economical situations through democracy changes and new opportunities. It is clear that the connection and devotion Andrew Jackson made to conform the common man promoted the expansion of democracy and opportunities for American white males, by altering economic policies and political opportunities. Jackson was a political opportunist exploiting democratic measures, encouraging the self-made man, the real hero of the age.

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