Informative Essay on Baby Dumping

Published: 2021-07-31 01:25:07
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Today, in our society, every age, they need to deal with the problem. An era of some of the problems may be different from another era problem, it could be the same. High school students, especially in the face so many problems. Five issues high school students face these days, illegal racing, use of drugs and alcohol abuse, free sex, abortion and baby dumping. Problems usually follow the flow, first racing, it is usually held in the evening, of course, it is troublesome to other road users. In addition, it can also be deadly man. After the game, they will usually go to a nightclub.
It is they start drugs, become addicted to alcohol places. When they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which will cause them to have an unprotected sex, which means that sex did not take any preventive pregnancy. High school students are too immature to fully understand the impact of no sex, it is possible for their lives. Therefore, there is no doubt, because that would create another problem. For a given problem is abortion and baby dumping. Unintended pregnancy scare, aborted babies before they take risks, their families know that physical changes after.
Abortion is a dangerous act, which may be fatal mother. But in a desperate situation like this, they can not rationally think. But not everyone has enough intuition, abortion to take the risk. Some of them decided to give birth to a baby, but then the end of it, for some reason, they dumped the baby did not hesitate. Dump the baby means that they throw away after the baby is not in any place to take care of it. Typically, the baby is in a dump after they were born. In most cases, the baby was already dead when they find someone else.

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