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Published: 2021-07-27 11:40:06
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CONCEPT PAPER (ONE-BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM UNIT) 1. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Design a space that is worth-living, aesthetically functional, and innovatively efficient and one that complements the user’s personality, defines his attitude and suits his lifestyle. 2. DESIGN RATIONALE The client is a 32 years old female executive who is a workaholic and is very successful computer analyst.
She wants her condominium unit to be a restful, relaxing place and a refuge from the office and the busy cosmopolitan ambience of Makati City. Her desired space must be efficient, functional and equipped with the ease of technology. . DESIGN OBJECTIVE ? Be able to execute the design of the condominium unit that corresponds to the client’s desires and requirements ? Be able to design the space that is harmonious and unified yet fully functional, efficient and innovative ? Be able to match the required technological advances to the desired design of the space 4. DESIGN CONCEPT Design the condominium unit with a simple yet sophisticated style to suit the profile of the client and use soothing color schemes to make the space a sanctuary and a place to feel maximum rest away from the city’s busy ambience. . STYLE Contemporary Zen Style 6.
DESIGN STRATEGY Use a color scheme that can be soothing and relaxing like blues and greens but balance it with neutral colors to make the space sophisticated. Place furniture pieces that are of clean-lines to avoid busy or cluttered space and that will also add to the room’s lightness for maximum relaxation. Put additional innovative features inside the condominium unit to adhere to the client’s requirement of technological convenience.

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