Do Rules Contribute to a Persons Happiness

Published: 2021-07-19 09:20:06
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Do Rules Contribute to a Persons Happiness? Rules and regulations. The two words which every child and even many adults hate to hear. When thinking of 'rules' we think of something which stands in the way of our doing something we may want to. We immediately curse the rule, not thinking in what way it may be helping us. We fervently wish that it never existed, without really being able to comprehend what the world would be like without that rule.
What we, as humans, fail to understand, is that rules are made primarily to help us. We may find them annoying, aggravating, and even completely pointless, but they generally help us feel safe and so, happy. Think of everything in our day to day life which we take for granted. Driving in a car, we expect people to stop for us at some point when at an intersection, that's because someone made traffic lights. Speed limits are another important rule which many people find extremely annoying.
Think about this, f there were no road regulations, would you feel comfortable driving? To all the people who see driving as the ultimate freedom, would you feel the same way if you were in constant fear of being killed? Of course not! The same goes for rules against murder, thievery, drugs, sexual abuse, the list never ends. It is because of all these rules that we are free to feel comfortable and happy in our lives. All the rules so far have been rules on an international scale, but even If we look at rules in our own souses they serve the same purpose.

Personally, I would always get annoyed when my parents didn't let me have as much 'Junk food' as I wanted. I would through tantrums and say that 'now is the best time for me to eat Junk, while I'm still young! ' Now, when I think about It, I am extremely glad that my parents controlled me. If I had eaten too much, I could have had severe health Issues, which would have stopped me from doing so many things which I love doing today, Like playing sports, eating out and Just generally enjoying life.
Today I am thankful for the rules set down by my parents, because they are a major reason for my happiness. Overall, I truly believe that rules and regulations are extremely Important to a persons happiness. They may not all help you out (though more often than not you may not see how they are helping you), but without them your life would not be nearly as enjoyable as It Is. As Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory) says, Without rules, our entire world would descend Into Anarchy, and who wants that!

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