Goodner Brothers Case Study

Published: 2021-08-10 14:30:07
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Define SWOT analysis with appropriate examples using external resources (200 words) SWOT Analysis, technique credited to Albert Humphrey, is strategic planning method used to evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved in business ventures.  It involves

Specifying objective

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Identifying internal and external factors favorable and unfavorable to achieve objective

Healthcare Software Company selling high value products.

Internal Characterisitcs of Business that give it an advantage
Highly experienced team, well established, reputable company
High Percentage of Sales from Exports
Knowledge of Advanced technology
Very efficient Processes
Top class service


Internal Characteristics that place it at disadvantage
Customers slow to Upgrade
Complicated Products - need lots of Customisation
 Products innovative and market needs to be educated
Technology emphasis within company rather than Marketing emphasis


External chances to impove performance
New competitors entering markets
Government spending cut backs
Technology changing fast


External elements that could cause trouble
Population ageing
Environmental issues increasing profile
Healthcare costs rises rapidly
Increased Safety and Risk awareness in healthcare

Invest in marketing skills and knowledge to find new markets for specialist technical knowledge Increase export market to give buffer to Local Government initiatives in healthcare Add more value to customers outbidding new competitors. Emphasis in sales materials to offset new competitors entering market

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