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Published: 2021-08-11 03:45:05
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It is not completely known that an actual crime has occurred, there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that there has been a crime. I would want to interview her 25 years old brother, Clint. He reported seeing her being taken into the woods by a white male with all camouflage clothing. He said he only saw the back of this male and thought it was her boyfriend until he walked outside and saw some blood in front of their house. I would interview Clint because he was the last person that saw Holly and he also saw the man that kidnapped her. I would ask questions about the man who he saw take her.
Also, about the path that this man took her. Finally, if he has noticed any weirdness from his sister the past couple of days or weeks. Then, I would want to interview Heather Sullivan, which is a woman in her town, she was approached by a man a couple of months before Holly’s disappearance, but she was so startled that she dropped the glass lamp that she was holding. When she dropped it got her boyfriends attention and he scared the man off. I would like to get from her details about the man that tried to kidnap her and see if Clint and her details maybe match up.
Finally I would like to interview Whitney Duncan, which is her cousin. I would want to find out how close they were and if they talked on a regular basis and if she noticed anything not normal with her. I would obtain criminal records from each of these people and see if they’ve had any criminal history in the past that might pertain to this case. Also, I would want to obtain phone and text message records from each person. I would want to identify if there were any subspecies phone calls or text messages. I would want to collect the hair that was stuck to the piece of duck tape.

This evidence could tell investigators who the hair belongs to and what part of the body it has came from. Also, I would want to collect her cell phone, this can prove to investigators who she made calls to and if there were any strange or threatening text messages. Also, it could have finger prints other than Holly’s. I would investigate the blood that was found at her home to find out if it belonged to Holly. Finally, I would want to obtain the lunch box that was found in the woods. It could provide investigators with finger prints if their were any other than hers.
All the evidence would be carefully placed in the right kind of container or bag. Once it is placed in the right container, it would need to be tagged with the time, location, name of the person that collected it; then it is sent off to the lab to be investigated. Once they are done it is sent off for more investigation and it should be labeled with the names of the person sending it off, the time, and location. The primary scene is Holly’s home from where she was abducted from. This is the primary because it is the main place as to where the abduction occurred.
The secondary scene is the woods. This is because this was the place where she was taken to after being abducted from her home. Then, there is another scene that the public or investigators don’t know about yet because there hasn’t been any other evidence leading to another scene. As for the other persons that would be investigated and records obtained from I would also obtain the phone and text messages records from Holly as well. These records would be important because it would tell investigators if there were any unusual phone calls or text messages sent or received from Holly.
Also, I would investigate her Facebook and Myspace to find out if there were any unusual things going on through her social network sites. The locard exchange principle can apply to this case if her body has been found mostly. It is possible that other fibers can be found on the duck tape that the hair is stuck to. Also, some could be on the cell phone near the ear piece if the perpetrator used her cell phone. His DNA can possibly be on the ear piece of the phone. If people that Holly knew were ruled out I would suspect that maybe a neighbor that has been stocking her could be a potential perpetrator.
It could be anyone that knew her schedule and her parents schedule. Whoever abducted her had to have known that her parents were gone and that she left for school at a certain time. I would document where all the evidence was found, the times it was found, and who found the evidence. I would document all the details that witnesses know about the perpetrator that abducted her. I would find out if anyone in the neighborhood saw a complete stranger just hanging around. If someone saw that then it could be a potential stalker of Holly.
I would have of course TBI because it did happen in Tennessee so they would have to be involved in this case. I would also have FBI involved in this case because it is possible that they have traveled out of the Tennessee area. Of course volunteers they can be a big help in trying to find clues that lead to the end of a crime. I would also keep posting it on TV because some things can jog someone’s memory and that could lead you to your suspect. One possible motive could be that it was someone that wanted to date her and she didn’t want to date them so they wanted to get at her and her boyfriend and cause harm to her.
Another could be that it was an ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want to have any contact with him or they ended on bad terms, which could have set him off and caused him to do this to her. Finally, another motive could have been just some random stranger that had been stalking her and knew that she left at a certain time in the morning for school and knew that her parents were gone and didn’t know her brother was still in the house and he could have just wanted to cause harm to her. I think these are viable motives because really it is only possible that someone that knew her schedule could commit this.
A theory could be that her ex-boyfriend wanted to still be with her and he knew that she was with someone else and he didn’t like that she was. So he wanted to get back at her. He knew that she was on her way to school so he parked his car on a road behind the woods and when he saw her at her car went and grabbed her and made her come with him. He could have put the duck tape over her mouth and she ripped it off and that’s when he made her walk to his car. She had the lunch box still in her hand when they went in the woods and he could have made her drop it and then they drove off and went to another location.
Another theory could be that a stalker could have just been planning to kidnap and harm this young lady. So he would watch her a lot and see the times her parents and her left and then the morning of April 13th he walked through the woods and went and grabbed her and made her walk through the woods to a car and he took her to another destination. It is possible that maybe her parents owed someone money for something that they were doing on the side and since they weren’t home and they saw that Holly as leaving the house they decided to abduct her and harm her as well. Finally, it is possible that a coworker could have had some kind of beef with her about something and they wanted to come abduct her and take her away from her family. So they watched her throughout a couple of days and figured out the times nobody was home and when she was on her way to school. And when she went out to her car someone jumped out of the woods and grabbed her and took her with them and they are at another location that investigators haven’t discovered yet.

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