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Published: 2021-08-12 10:30:05
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It is clear that many students have not developed a love and appreciation for the written word during the time before they arrived at college. Though the classical works of Nathaniel Hawthorn and Charles Dickens and others may have deep appeal to those who have already learned to enjoy the written word, the truth of the matter is that many students these days never develop that appreciation. Therefore, I am proposing an introduction to literature class that will play to the visually-based nature of most students and encourage a love of reading: I am proposing a graphic novels introduction to literature class.
With novels like Maus and V for Vendetta, students can be exposed to political ideas and strong writing in a manner that is likely to keep them turning the pages and not thinking of it as work. I think most students will expect this class to be “easy” and be surprised to discover that they actually learn something while “reading comics”.  I think an educator familiar with the twists and turns of the Marvel universe and American politics could give students a better understanding of current events, including the Patriot Act and other destructions of civil liberties, via a reading of Marvel’s new “Civil War” series.
I think that this type of glass would appeal to many different people within the university structure and could be an innovative way to teach ideas ranging from equality and politics to morality and history. Please consider adding this class to the curriculum.

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