Personal Health Analysis

Published: 2021-07-17 12:50:06
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Personal health analysis Crystal Lawson HALT/302 12/20/13 2 1 need to do a number of things to be able to improve my overall health. I know to make sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and seek medical attention regularly. I need to make sure to monitor my intake because it is easy for me to gain weight due to my thyroid disease. I would be willing to Join a gym so that I will be able to get the proper exercise that is needed because that will increase my metabolism.
Which will help me become healthier. I will focus on my faith so there will be spiritual guidance in place that will help me along the way to an effective recovery. I think that the effective plan of setting goals will help me find the motivation that are needed to live a healthy life. Once the goals are met I will be able to see a difference In loss of weight, more energy, and will feel better about myself. I will make sure to attend doctor appointments regularly and make sure to take all medications as prescribed y the doctor.
So that I will be aware of educational Information that will help improve my health condition, eat healthy food and avoid eating fast food and fatty foods because that Is how our body get out of range, and exercise at least four to five times a week because that will help me burn all of the unneeded calories that can cause me harm. I am going to make more time for exercise because that will give me the motivation to achieve my goals.

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